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Performing a facial treatment is an opportunity for you to give your client a relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to improve and rejuvenate their skin. Facials are beneficial for all skin types, and particularly for people who are experiencing skin problems (such as acne or signs of aging). In general, a facial can be done at least four times a year, as each season changes or as course of treatments of 4 to 6 once a week for 4-6weeks. Facials have become exceedingly popular, as more people realize the health benefits they have to offer. The best plan is to clear time and get a facial once each month. That way, when your new skin cells have been generated, the dead cells can be exfoliated.

Many clients require numerous treatments at once, so it is in your interest to offer a range of these treatments to make your business as profitable as it can be.

If you are looking to embark upon a career specifically as a Facial Specialist, we offer courses in Facial Treatments


Facial Treatment
£149.00 (Including VAT) Deposit £45 Please pay the deposit to book this course.
  • Membership: GTI Student Membership for 3 months for £25
  • Therapists Pre-requisites: GTI Professional Standards For Therapists
  • Course Type: Theory & Practical
  • Theory Hours: 16 Hours (This is completed at your own place)
  • Practical hours: 8 Hours
  • Examination: Examination at Gateway Training College
  • CPD Points: 32 Points
  • £45.00£310.00Select options

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