Beauty Courses


Waxing is an excellent addition to any treatment menu and provides repeat business as it is an essential maintenance option for many clients.

Waxing is known to be a longer lasting treatment for the removal of hair than regular shaving. It eliminates the problem of irritation, and cuts and nicks cause by the use of a razor.

As natural wax is used, this reduces the likelihood of irritation after the therapy. Given the nature of the treatment, the wax also leads to the removal of dead skin cells, showing the natural beauty of the skin and creating a smoothness unparalleled by other hair removal treatments.

A with many of the beauty treatments taught at Gateway International College, a waxing treatment can be used as part of an overall beauty package, including facial treatments, manicure, or pedicure.

The Gateway International College course in Waxing will prepare the student to give a pain-free professional waxing treatment ensuring repeat business, and a thorough knowledge of all the tools needed and aftercare information to keep your clients happy.


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