Registration Terms and Conditions

1- Information about Gateway International College

Gateway International College (hereafter referred to as ‘the GIC’) is a Vocational Training Private College, offering a wide range of beauty and holistic courses in the UK and overseas. 

Our website is: www.gatewayinternationalcollege.co.uk 

Gateway International College Address: 2 Lakeside Drive, 200 First Central, NW10 7FQ. Contact Number:  02078594767. Gateway International College Limited is registered in England, registration number: 11512961. We are the members of the following associations: Beauty Guild 10662539.

2- Information about the courses we offer

Please confirm that you have read and accepted our booking terms and conditions either by email or by signing this document. 

For practical work, nails should be short with no free edges showing and well-manicured, hair is to be neatly tied back and away from the face, and comfortable clothing or a therapist uniform must be worn.

PLEASE NOTE that the finish time of the course may vary occasionally and may be affected by the number of students on the training. By booking your course, you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

3- Contra-indication: Important

PLEASE NOTE that when you book a course, it also acts as an agreement to our terms and conditions in full. You are also committing to inform us about any health issues you may have. For the health and safety of the tutor and your client, you need to be considerate of several safety issues. With any treatment there are contra-indications to consider, which MAY affect you attending/your involvement/participation in the course. This applies for all students partaking in our courses, including the person you will be paired up with for practical work. 

If you have any concerns, we are happy to cover these before the course begins. By booking with us you have agreed to inform your tutor and our team of any medical treatment you are undergoing, e.g. pregnancy – Are you within the first three months?, Cancer, HIV and AIDS.

You will also be required to inform us about other conditions, such as Epilepsy, HBP or heart conditions, Infectious skin disorders like Chicken Pox, Contagious illnesses, Diabetes (if skin is very thin bruising may occur) and Paralysis or loss of sensation. If you are attending any of our long courses which involve feet and face massage and have recently had surgery on the neck or face, you may need a letter from your 

GP stating that it is safe/appropriate for you to give and receive massage treatments on a two-day course. 

Care should also be taken if you are suffering from the following conditions on the day of the course. Again, PLEASE NOTE this may affect your participation in the course: Local Psoriasis or Eczema – open sores or infections to the skin or ears, Cold Sores and high Temperature or Fever. This also includes being drunk or under the influence of other drugs, local pain such as toothache, sunburn, hypersensitive or broken skin, acute inflammation or swelling and severe acne. You must also act with caution if you have had procedures such as Botox in the previous three weeks prior to attending the course or suffered from Conjunctivitis. 

You will be given a health waiver form to sign on the day of your course, which will ask you to state that : -You are in a good physical condition, are fully able to participate in the course, having not been advised not to do so by a qualified medical professional and that you certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude your participation on the training course. If for any reason you refuse to sign this on the day you will not be allowed to attend and train with us. When you attend a course with us you will often be working with other students who are not qualified and are beginners. They are, like you, under the directions of a qualified tutor in the Manual Therapy Workshop. PLEASE NOTE that your tutor cannot be held liable for any damage caused by other students to both yourself or your property. 

4- Kits

Before a course begins, please always refer to your invitation as it will inform you of what you are required to bring to that particular course. For practical work, nails should be well-manicured and short with no free edge showing, hair is to be neatly tied back and away from the face, and either comfortable clothing or a therapist uniform must be worn.

5- Attendance

You are required to attend the course and complete 100% retention during the days you are required to attend the college. It is expected of you to attend 15 mins before the lesson in order to prepare yourselves and be ready for the day. Should you miss any lessons, your tutor is not obliged to teach you the materials missed and you will instead, be expected to complete independent home learning. Lateness is not tolerated. Should you be running late to a lesson due to a reason which is beyond your control, we request for you to please call to inform your tutor of your lateness. 

Please be aware that if you book any of our courses and fail to attend, you will NOT be eligible for a refund, The only circumstance in which we are able to delay the course for you is if 2 weeks’ notice of non-attendance is provided by you before the start date of the course.

6- Certification

Once successfully completing any of our courses, a certificate will be issued to you online, which you will be able to download and print. This may vary for the following courses: deep tissue and chair massage.

If you require a hard copy version of your certificate, you can request for us to post it to the address held for you on our database. It will be sent to you within ten working days at a cost of £15.00. Gateway International College does not hold any responsibility for your certificate OR its delivery.

7- Law and Jurisdication

These Terms and Conditions outline contractual terms between you, the student, and the service provider, Gateway International College, in accordance with the UK Law. 

By using the Gateway International College website and ticking the “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions” when placing your order, you have entered into a legally binding contract governed by these rules. 

8- Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information 

that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the GDPR Legislations). Information about you is collected for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your order and secondly, to fill your details out on the certificate. 

The type of information we collect about you includes: your name, D.O.B, address, phone number, email address. The information we hold should be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that we hold about you by sending us an email. If you find that there are any discrepancies, we will deal with them promptly. All personal information will be held securely and in accordance with our internal security policy, as well as governed by UK law. 

Terms and Conditions about our Trainings/Courses Definition: 

We – Gateway International College AND You – Applicant attending the course.

9- Services and Fees

 At GIC exams & accreditations are provided by the Beauty Guild. 

 £25 plus VAT is automatically applied for the student membership registration on GTI platform. 

You will have a discounted rate for insurance and membership with the Guild. 

 In some cases the ‘Professional Standards of  a therapist’ course will be free of charge. Please email for any enquiries. 

 We take reasonable care to ensure that all courses listed on our website have an accurate description and are up to date regarding start dates and fees. 

 It is the student’s responsibility to read the course description and requirements in full and contact us to clarify any parts he or she does not understand prior to making a booking. 

We endeavor to display current courses and their availability on our website; however, confirmation can only be guaranteed once the booking is made and we will send you an email to this effect.

Should the course date you applied for not be available, you will be offered the next available start date or a credit towards an alternative course. 

 We reserve the right to change our prices occasionally and to add, alter or remove courses we provide.

10- Bookings

You will be required to pay a deposit or the full course fee at the time of booking. Any outstanding balance will be payable before the start date of the course. 

No courses will take place until all fees are paid in full. Bookings will only be confirmed when you make a full payment on application for the training/course. Gateway International College will check your payment status on the day of the training. 

11- Cancellation policy

By making a booking with the GIC and ticking the T&C’s box, you accept and agree to the following cancellation and refund policy. 

Cancellations are NOT ACCEPTED unless we are given 14 days’ notice before the start date of the course and in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations from 13th of June 2014, which governs Consumer Rights when entered into a contract via distance and on an off-premises sale. 

All fees paid including deposits are non-refundable unless you inform the GIC of your decision to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period from the date the booking was made. 

The money towards the course fee will be distributed to several people and organizations, such as tutors, the accreditation body (course provider), the consultant, and the venue. 

You are required to contact us regarding any problems or queries via any of the following methods: E-mail: [email protected] 

Phone number: 02078594767. 

Postal address: 2 Lakeside drive Park Royal, London, NW10 7FQ. 

All requests must be made by the person that made the booking to the GIC and we cannot accept requests made by third parties or to third parties i.e. PayPal or tutors. 

If you start the course within 14 days of the booking, you will be required to pay for the course up to the point at which you inform us that you wish to cancel. This may include additional charges for the costs we have incurred, such as providing study materials and booking models. if you cannot bring your own. 

All refunds will be processed within one calendar month from the date the GIC receives your cancellation request and will be made using the same payment method/methods that you used to secure the booking.

12- Orders

By placing an order on the GIC website and ticking the T&C’s box, you enter into a legal contract with the GIC and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. 

The GIC website will guide you through the booking process. Before submitting your order, please, check all the details carefully and amend any errors. 

You may change your start date or the course, provided there is availability before the course you originally booked commences. 

If you book the wrong course or purchase the wrong number of places, please contact us immediately so that we can place you on the right course, or to refund any extra places you may have reserved. There will be a £5 administration fee to process the refund.

If you book an advanced course and you do not hold the right qualifications to attend, or your circumstances change, you must contact us within the 14-day cooling off period to change or cancel the booking. No refunds will be issued once 14 days have lapsed. 

Gateway International College has the right to reschedule or cancel any training course and will advise you as soon as possible once further details are known. We will use all reasonable endeavors to avoid changes of this nature and we will transfer you to another course to reschedule, or setting up your online profile. NO refunds will be given if you are unhappy and wish to cancel or change your course. If for any reason the GIC cancels a course you booked, you will be offered an alternative date to attend it within the following 3 months or a credit towards another course the GIC offers to be used within 6 months of the date of issue. 

Under no circumstances, will the GIC be held responsible for any costs incurred by you in preparation for, or whilst attending the course i.e. travel arrangements, hotel bookings etc. and we will not reimburse any such expenses. 

13- Post-purchase considerations

No-shows or last-minute cancellations: If you do not attend a course due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of the control of the GIC, such as train delays, illness or any other matter, NO refunds will be issued. Refunds are due only if you make a cancellation request within the 14-day cooling off period or if the GIC cannot fulfil the order and the course is cancelled. In this case, we may offer an alternative date for you to attend the course or credits towards another course at our discretion.

Disruptive behavior: In the event that a student is asked to leave the classroom due to his or her inappropriate behavior, no refunds will be issued. 

Lateness: If you are late for the class by more than 30 minutes, you will not be allowed to 

enter the class and your fees will NOT be refundable; all outstanding payments will still be due as per the contract.


Exams: You are required to pass the online theory on your Guild account and practice at home on your family/friends. All course materials are provided to you on your own Guild account (manual/video/downloads). It is your responsibility to prepare for the practical exam. The GIC offers training courses accredited by the Beauty Guild. The final exams are held with a tutor accredited by the Beauty Guild. In the event where you do not pass the final exam and do not get awarded the Certificate, NO refunds will be issued. However, we may offer you the option to retake the course free of charge at our discretion. Please, contact us to discuss this possibility and current availability.

Study materials: All study materials you are provided with during your training are copyrighted to the Gateway International College. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all training course materials shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Gateway International College. You are not authorized to copy any of the course training materials, nor disclose or permit the disclosure, or sell or hire the same to third parties. Any type of recording (voice, video, picture) is strictly forbidden. Students are not authorized to copy or reproduce any whole or part of the materials without the written permission of the authors in accordance with the provisions of copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Any person breaching copyright may be liable to criminal prosecution and a claim for civil damages. 

Insurance: The GIC does not offer trade insurance. Obtaining insurance cover is the 

sole responsibility of the student. We highly recommend checking with your insurance company in the country you intend to practice in to see if they accept the training we provide and the UK’s Beauty Guild Certifications before you book any courses with us. We will not be able to offer any refunds should insurance cover be an issue at the start of the course or in the future. 

Visas: The GIC does not offer any Visa related services and checking your eligibility to take 

Our course in the UK is the sole responsibility of the student. We cannot offer assistance with Visa applications and are unable to offer any refunds should you not be issued the relevant Visa. 

Language: If English is not your first language, it is your responsibility to ensure your 

English level is sufficient to undertake the course. You are allowed to be accompanied by an interpreter if required. No refunds will be issued should you find the course challenging due to the language barrier. 

Complaints: Should a situation arise where you have a grievance with any aspect of our service or offering, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We endeavor to resolve any issues to the best of our ability and within the shortest period of time. Complaints should be made in writing by email to [email protected] and in the case where you don’t receive a response within 3 working days, please call us on: 02078594767.  

Warranty: It is your responsibility to make sure that the details held for you on our database are up to date and correct as all training courses will be forwarded to the current details which are held.

Media: We might/might not upload your photo and video online onto our platform, or we may use it in our advertisement/s. If you don’t wish for this to happen, you have to write a letter to us stating that you don’t wish us to upload your picture/video online, but once you agree with this document we reserve the right to share your photo and video on any of our related platforms. If your video is uploaded on our YouTube channel, we will not remove it unless you inform us within 3 days of the particular video being posted.