How much money does a Massage Therapist make?

In short, a Massage Therapist makes as much or as little as he or she wants.  Let me rephrase the question: How much money do YOU want to make?

As Certified Massage Therapist, you decide how often you want to work, depending on your own schedule.  It is your choice as to the number of hours you want to dedicate to your career as a body massage therapist.

Should you want to make a part-time income that works around your current commitments.  You can easily make up to £500 per week, however, if you work full time you can make £1200 or more.

Some of our students decide to study with us because they would like to make a career change or enhance their current career.   Our massage therapists come from a variety of backgrounds, from a stay at home parents, waitress, shop assistant, bartender and promotional workers (to mention a few).  No matter what your background, we will help you achieve your goals!

You will be trained by qualified and experienced tutors.  So that you are confident that the service you will be providing to your clients is of the highest quality.

A few of our alumni have reported that they now make 10 times more money, after taking one of our continued professional development, body massage courses.

Looking to become a massage therapist?

Becoming a massage therapist is a very rewarding career move. People decide to become a massage therapist for many reasons.  Becoming a professional massage therapist has many benefits both financially and with your overall health.  Having a career in the health and beauty industry will encourage you to take good care of yourself, and perhaps even have a massage or two for yourself.  Here at the GIC, we offer a wide range of massage courses from pregnancy massage to detox and cellulite reduction.

Massage can aid greatly in relaxation and also with the health and wellness of the client. You will be providing a much-needed service for which clients are happy to pay.

Be your own boss

As a massage therapist, you will be your own boss.  You can choose your own hours and create a flexible schedule that works around your ideal lifestyle. Meaning you will have more time and money to do the things you want in life.  You can work from home, travel to clients homes or rent out space in a health and wellness centre.

You will gain the training to allow you to learn the sensitivity and knowledge required to be a highly-respected massage therapist.  We offer both career training and also business advice.


In addition to all of this, we provide all of our students with a free photo shoot and website so that you can go straight out and promote your skills.

Choose your own clients

Because it is your own business you can choose exactly who you work with.  You could work alongside other health and beauty professionals of your choice or even go straight to your clients home.  This will eliminate the cost of a venue and increase your flexibility.

Should you like to discuss any of our massage courses, please get in touch and we will help you choose the best course for you.


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