Would you like to be your own boss? With a flexible working time? At any location you want

Would you like to receive more than £45 per hour for your skills?

Maybe it’s time you think about being a beauty therapist.

This is the job which changes the way you live, the way you eat, the way you look and the way you talk.

Whether it is a massage, a makeover or a facial; when these treatments are done well, they bring out the best in the people who receive them. Giving them a relaxing massage, or a completely new look with a lash and brow treatment, or just allowing their face to shine and glow with a facial, Beauty therapy is all about bringing the best out in people.

All of this with the ability to earn from £47 an hour.

All it takes is a bit of commitment and love of your craft.

Here at Gateway International College, we can help you to free yourself and become a self-employed and accredited qualified therapist.




How can three companies help me from A-Z to financial freedom as a Professional Beauty therapist?

In partnership with Guild Training International and Manual Therapy London, we can offer you the chance to earn £95 per booking, and we will support you from start to finish, on your path to becoming a PROFESSIONAL therapist.

The fast track body massage course from GTi will give you an internationally accredited and insurable certificate, along with training in the Industry standards and laws so that you are instantly insurable on the completion of your course.

When you are qualified and insured you will be able to build your client base, along with help from Manual Therapy London, who will make bookings for you where you can earn from £65 an hour.

In partnership with the Guild of Beauty Therapists and Manual Therapy London, Gateway International College offer a lot of opportunities to create the high-end network of clients you need to become financially free, and from there, with a bit of work, you will gradually grow your business and make your life your own.

Why study at Gateway International College?

We offer many payment options to suit your financial needs.
We will give you a free online page to send clients to so they can see your qualifications and book you. This can be updated when you get more qualifications or want to change anything. (worth £2500 in Market Value). Free professional photography session upon completion of the course to set up your page. Free Booking system through Manual Therapy London.

What you will gain AFTER

You are your own boss.
Cash in hand or to your account.
Financial stability – with repeat clients coming to you frequently.
Your work environment is a nice relaxed atmosphere.
NO 9-5!! Your time is your own, you choose when you want to work.
Constant contact with wealthy clients allows you to build a network of reliable clients and high-class friends.
Advice and CPD from Gateway International College.
We would like to invite you for an introductory interview.
It will take place in North West London.
Just email us on [email protected] or go to our “Contact Us” page.
Within weeks you can build a client base that will allow you to the ability to earn up to £400 a week and beyond.
The rate for regular mobile massage starts from:

1    Hour         £47

1.5  Hour         £65

With 8 to 10 bookings per week, you can earn an AVERAGE £1500 – £2500 per month.

What do I need to do to make this dream a reality?
So many people wish that they could have a job that they enjoy, a job where they get to travel, relax, talk to people, get paid well or even mix with wealthy people and gain connections… For some, it is a dream that feels out of reach.

So what do you need to make this dream REAL?!

Generating your income depends on the following criteria:

1 – Customer service – Remember names, dates, and stories from your client, this allows you to ask them about their lives and make them feel a personal connection toward you, building rapport and trust

2 – Your availability – the more availability you have, the more work you can do.

3 – The distance you can travel.

4 – Your skills – After your initial course, you can consider diversifying your skill set. This can allow you to offer a bigger package to your clients. Maybe a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure in one sitting? We have the courses to help you gain essential skills to create the best experience for your customer.
**Finance options available for those who may need them**

5 – Charming/Pleasant personality.

6 – Your professionalism – The way you set up the room, the way you look, and the way you complete your massage are all part of the overall presentation that you bring to your client. If they see a well-presented therapist in a relaxing tranquil spa who can do a relaxing massage, they are more likely to come back than if it is a dirty office with an unkempt therapist. Your image is your calling card, put a smile on it.

While some therapists only have one booking per day, others can have between 3 and 7 bookings a day. This is around £200- £700 for ONE DAY WORK!

Will this be you?

How can you make it happen?
It is up to you to make that dream come true.
Start your journey to financial freedom with Gateway International College today!

Click here to contact us: https://www.gatewayinternationalcollege.co.uk/contact/

Please note that this is a SELF-EMPLOYED position and you will make your money from each booking that you get; you will not get paid per hour from the marketing website. You are responsible for your income as well as paying your tax and National Insurance contributions.

* Manual Therapy London will deduct 30% commission for the bookings given to the therapist. All tips and extra work you gain will not be subject to commission.

Terms and Conditions Apply.